About <span class="orange">PYM</span>

About PYM

PYM or Prepare Your Mind, creates all-natural amino acid mood chews to keep you feeling calm and relaxed. They believe in establishing daily rituals and techniques that promote everyday wellness. CEO, Zak Williams started the company after suffering from depression and anxiety following the loss of his father.

In addition to their all-natural, non-GMO mood chews, PYM offers up an abundance of resources for anyone looking to learn more about mental health or looking for ways to manage their stress, anxiety, or depression.
Instagram <span class="orange">Live</span>

Instagram Live

October is Mental Health + Depression Awareness Month and we wanted to take this opportunity to talk about the impact climate change and environmental issues have on our mental wellbeing. We have teamed up with our friends at PYM to talk about mental health, eco-anxiety, lifestyle changes, and ways to overcome feelings of helplessness in today’s environment.

Check out our Live IG recording to learn:

  • Overview of PYM
  • Defining mental health
  • Climate change impact on mental health
  • Low waste lifestyle changes
  • Coping with stress, anxiety, depression
  • Mental health resources
Watch the PYM Live

Our Panelists

Shannon Bergstrom

Event Host and Sustainability Brand Manager at RTS/ZeroWaste.com

Dr. Raghu Appasani

Chief Medical Officer, PYM

Olivia June Williams

Co-Founder, PYM