Steel Straw Kit
Steel Straw Kit

Steel Straw Kit

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In the US alone, about 500 million single use plastic straws are used every single day! Swap out your disposable straw for this U-Konserve stainless steel straw, a simple change as you move toward a zero-waste lifestyle. This straw has a thick steel wall and smooth, rounded edges. The straw conveniently comes with a cleaning brush so you can easily remove any buildup inside! The brush handle is made of metal and the bristles are made of nylon. Use it at home or pack it in your bag to use on the go so that you are always prepared to turn down a disposable straw! 

  • Packaging: Paper Box 
  • Alternative to: Single use plastic or disposable straws 
  • Why it matters: Individuals use around 38,000 plastic straws in a lifetime